this is your tribe!

We are building a strong tribe of Gifting, Swapping and Trading individuals who want to exchange goods and services freely and fairly

About Freeomy

Freeomy is a Freedom Economy Sharing Portal created to bring community together. Freeomy inspires and empowers individuals to share goods and services in a way that increases prosperity for the community and individually where competition is replaced with collaboration.

Freeomy is a non-profit opportunity, a gift to the community, to bring us together, meet new friends and share resources and skills with each other without the need of fiat (government/corporate) money. It gives power back to the community and the individual to make a claim of sovereignty by releasing the grip of systemised financial dependence while creating joy, harmony and friendships in the process.

Freeomy - Freely Share Your Goods and Services

Imagine gaining access to a wide range of items for the house, garden or office and being able to book services including massage, beauty or bookkeeping without needing to look in the wallet or check your bank balance!
Freeomy offers this opportunity to its members. We are a Tribe, a Family, of Gifting, Swapping and Trading individuals who see the huge value in pooling resources and sharing them with the community in an unrestricted way without financial limitations and dependence on a broken capitalist system.
Welcome to Freeomy, your Freedom Economy.


Standard member

  • Browse products and services
  • Get a feel for the Freeomy platform
  • Receive 20 Tribe Connect Points (TCP) for being a member. (Full Members can trade TCP to borrow member items)


Monthly member

  • Freeomy Full Membership
  • Create a Shed to Loan your goods and services
  • Gain access to Borrow other merbers items
  • Your own wallet for trading TCP
  • Earn TCP for Joining, Listing items, and Interacting
  • Communicate with members on our own Social Network + Join Groups


Full Member

  • Freeomy Full Membership
  • Create a Shed to Loan your goods and services
  • Gain access to Borrow other merbers items
  • Your own wallet for trading TCP
  • Earn TCP for Joining, Listing items, and Interacting
  • Communicate with members on our own Social Network + Join Groups
  • Gain Loyalty TCP

Freeomy is a platform to assist the Queensland community share their skills and resources with other freeomy members. Join as a Gold Member to exchange goods or services as a gift, swap or trade with other Members.

Freeomy intends to evolve into a thriving community of like caring/sharing members wanting to escape the clutches of a controlled monetary system currently strangling society, into one that can freely pay it forward sharing skills, abilities, tools and resources to better our members and the local community.

Using the internal currency TCP, we no longer need to waste our energy (currency) on transaction fees and taxes. Happy days!

Building a Better Community with the Freedom Economy!

Freeomy is a portal where members list goods and/or services that they own or have qualifications/skills in to Trade with other Freeomy members. Value on items is applied using Tribe Connect Points (TCP). There’s no financial exchange for goods or services between members, either by performing a Direct Swap or a Trade. Trades are performed via points and are earned to be used in future trade on other member products. Members can accumulate any amount of TCP. A member earns TCP via product Trades, listing products, referral of members and at certain rank  levels. Members need to have a minimum of 5 item listings before a Trade with points can be made.

Please refer to our User Agreement and Terms of Trade prior to becoming a Freeomy member.

A membership is required to access the portal and Full Membership is needed to list items and make Trade exchanges. As a member you also join Spin Tribe which is a free and open group for discussion and support. This face to face element adds trust and integrity to plus you will meet new friends and learn interesting stuff. Exchanging on Freeomy is enhanced via trust, when attending a Spin Tribe gathering and you display a photo id, you will gain a Verified Badge on your Freeomy Profile.

Full Membership allows access to list products and gift/swap/trade with other members. This is a 1 or 12 month membership. Freeomy uses Points to trade with members known as TCP which have a $ value ratio of 1:1

There are a number of ways to add to your TCP tally;

  • When you sign-up you are allocated 20 x TCP (TCP 20) with an equivalent value of ~AU$20 to assist in your first Trade.
  • Listing an item (TCP 5)
  • Posting 3 products or services (TCP 20)
  • Adding profile pic and cover photo (TCP 8 each)
  • Successful completion of 5 trades (TCP 10)
  • Successful completion of 13 trades (TCP 30)
  • Interacting with members….

  • Freeomy member ‘Dave’ needs some painting done on his renovated house. ‘Sarah’ has painting skills and offers it as a service on Freeomy for TCP70 per hour. Dave sees Sarah’s listing and clicks ‘Get Item’ to take up this exchange offer. The purchase process is essential the same as any ecommerce transaction however we use TCP instead of money as the Trade currency.
    Dave uses the TCP he earned at signup and by posting his own items to complete the Trade. Sarah will receive the credit in her account for the hours of labour expressed in this Trade. The painting took 2 hours to complete so Sarah received TCP140 (approx. equivalent of $140) into her wallet. Sarah can now use these TCP to complete Trades on other members items.
  • Freeomy member ‘Jim’ needs his lawn cut however no-one has listed lawn mowing as an offered Trade on Freeomy, but ‘Dave’ has listed a lawn mower and whipper snipper as a Trade item for loan. ‘Jim’ is happy to do the job himself so clicks Get Item and follows thru the checkout. Jim then sends Dave a message via the Freeomy messages (our internal social network) to schedule a suitable day to loan the tools. The tools are listed as TCP15 per half day. Jim needs both tools for 3 hours. TCP30 are credited to Dave’s wallet.
  • Dave has listed multiple goods and services on Freeomy including accounting and financial services… before too long he has accepted Trade Exchanges from several members and his TCP wallet has grown to TCP280. Nice work Dave!
  • Freeomy offers members the opportunity to Gift an item to another member, a Pay it Forward gesture of generosity. It could be a book or tool you no longer require or it could be something you make and wish to do your bit of charity for the community. Gifting an item is rewarding for both the receiver and the giver. Pay it Forward and you may be surprised how you may be rewarded for your efforts!
  • The third way to share on Freeomy is a direct Swap of your good or service for something another member has listed as a Swap item. Contact the member who’s item you would like to Swap via a Freeomy messages to organise the exchange. Easy!
  • There are lots of items that could be Gifted, Swapped or Traded on Freeomy including services you are skilled in, and a wide range of goods from basic household items to garden tools and machinery, clothes, business equipment, health and lifestyle goods, even vehicles and water craft…. Freeomy member ‘Jim’ has a yacht that is moored at Mooloolaba about 300 days for the year which is costing him money in mooring fees and upkeep. Jim lists his yacht as a trade item in the portal to earn TCP and contribute to the Tribe. The benefit to Jim, not only does his yacht receive a high amount of points earned, Jim also gets the opportunity to come along on the sailing trips with Freeomy members creating new friendships and life long memories.

It is up to the imagination of Freeomy Members as to the range of items available to share through the Freedom Economy that is Freeomy!

* The transfer of TCP from the ‘purchaser’ is immediately deducted from their wallet and is deposited into the ‘offerers’ wallet. Should these TCP need to be modified to reflect changes in the exchange we have a feature at the bottom of the page called ‘TCP Transfers’ where members can freely exchange their points to another member.

Happy Freeomying….