Terms of Exchange/Trade

Terms of Exchange/Trade

By conducting this exchange on Freeomy.com, you agree to abide by any terms outlined in your discussions with the trading member in regards to the swap/loan/trade of the item(s) and confirm you are over the age of 18.

All exchanges are final and no compensation will be sought or provided. Freeomy.com / Spin Events are not involved in any exchanges between members. You (the member) take full responsibility and waive all liability towards Freeomy/Spin Events.

A deposit (financial or otherwise) may be requested by the lender before items can be exchanged. Print the Member Exchange Form to assist with a smooth and secure exchange for both members.


If a loan item, you agree to return the item to the location where it was picked up within the time frame allocated. If you exceed your allocated time, TCP to the equivalent loan time exceeded will be deducted and you could forfeit your Freeomy Membership.

You also agree to return the item in the same condition it was borrowed as agreed between the two parties at time of collection or within the private message system on Freeomy.com

Failure to abide by these terms could result in Public Legal Action against yourself by the lending member. You will also forfeit your Freeomy Membership.


Freeomy is provided to members on a Trust and Respect policy. We are a Private group, however Public Officials will become involved should an act of personal harm or property damage occur as per the law.

ACL may apply:

Freeomy operates under Australian Laws. Consumers have certain guarantees that apply to trade as described in the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). These laws apply to exchanges on Freeomy and other share platforms. Both parties of the exchange need to abide by these laws. If you require information about these rights please click the links to be directed to the ACCC website. Consumer Guarantee. False or misleading advertising.

Freeomy is a Private platform with agreements/contracts between individual members.