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Volunteering position in exchange for TCP upon completion of days tasks

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Volunteering Restoration – Land and Waterways


Get involved in Restoration Projects across Australia and be rewarded with Freeomy Points (TCP).

Posts like this one will be popping up soon with requests for volunteered services to assist in community projects on public lands to restore local environments such as rivers, beach systems, forests and other community locations in need of restoration.

By volunteering your time and labour you will be rewarded with TCP that you can use to exchange items and skills on the Freeomy platform.

Stay tuned for a new restoration program launching soon. Feel good about making a positive difference to your local community and be rewarded with currency (points).



Assist in the regeneration of Maroochy River (below Dunethin Rock) March 1-5 2021.

Assist on 1 or all days (or any combination) as required by support staff on site.

Tasks will include pulling of weeds, replanting of native vegetation, rubbish collection, and other regeneration duties.

TCP offered per day: 75

Limited Offer to Freeomy Members who agree to the terms listed.

**Sample Post ONLY**

Volunteering Terms


1. Follow directions as outlined in the Offer and stay for the duration of the days volunteering requirements.

2. Receive TCP at completion of project day requirements once admin has been completed to verify involvement.

3. TCP will be added to your total in the back-end within 5 days after admin acknowledgement.