Pay it forward by Gifting

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Pay it forward by Gifting

Did you know that there is deep coding in Human biology that craves to do good. We actually desire feeling needed, wanted and of benefit to others, it comes from our tribal heritage and it’s still a fundamental requirement for mental health and stability in 2019 and beyond. You are probably already aware as a Freeomy member of the ability to Gift an item to another member, you could donate an item you already own and no longer need or you could head over to our sister platform, Tribe Market, and purchase an item to donate. Tribe Market is QLD’s Sustainable Marketplace where local micro-businesses offer their Wellness, Environmental and/or Social impact goods and services to create a better community. By purchasing an item on Tribe Market you benefit these responsible businesses and help a Freeomy member by paying it forward!

It’s a very good way for the community to come together, to feel part of something bigger than self, it’s what makes family, religion, sports clubs etc pull a membership together…. we all want to be part of a group, a tribe, a bunch of fellow humans that rely on each other to get things done and build comradery together. To Feel Needed/Wanted/Helpful.

When we feel these mental and emotional feelings, chemicals get released in the body, the hormones of Oxytocin and Dopamine in particular. Those 2 hormones are responsible for feeling good and feeling connected. A great way to get those chemicals flowing is by helping someone in need and Freeomy provides an easy platform to enable the desire to Pay it Forward and Gift an item to a stranger… a fellow Human.

At some stage you may get the urge to help someone in need, and you may not even need to know them… but you’ll know in your heart that you put a big smile on one of your tribes face and made a big difference to their life. Should you feel that tingle in the tummy to pay it forward, simply purchase an item on Tribe Market from one of our amazing small businesses (assist 1) and then list the item as a Gift on Freeomy (assist 2)!

Tribe Market + Freeomy + YOU = Amazing community building and lots of smiles 🙂

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