Standard Membership

Share Items and Skills
$ 0
  • Create a 'Shed' to Gift, Loan or Swap items and skills
  • Gain access to Borrow other merbers items
  • Join Groups
  • Digital wallet for exchanging TCP
  • Earn TCP for becoming a Member, Listing items, & Interacting
  • Communicate with members on our Messaging Network

Premium Membership

Share + Access Local Business Offers
$ 11
  • All of the Standard Member inclusions
  • Bonus 10 x TCP in your exchange wallet
  • Exclusive Business Offers;

    Samples, Trials & Discounts from local businesses

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  • Memberships

    Standard Membership provides members the facility to list items and skills to gift, swap or trade with other members on the platform.
    Standard Membership is currently free to join (will not expire) until we launch later in the year when a joining fee of $3.99 will apply.
    To Trade on Freeomy, members use points known as TCP. When you join you are allocated 10 x TCP with an equivalent value of ~A$10 to assist in your first Trade exchange.
    There are a number of ways to add to your TCP tally such as:
    When you sign-up you are allocated 10 x TCP (TCP 10); Listing your first 5 items (TCP 5) each; Adding profile pic and cover photo (TCP 8); Adding profile background (TCP 5) Successful completion of 5 trades (TCP 10); Successful completion of 13 trades (TCP 30); Interacting with members and groups....
    Premium is a 3 monthly Membership costing $11.97 providing members access to trials, samples and discounts from local businesses in exchange for quality feedback to assist product development. You will also receive a bonus 10 TCP to enhance your trading account.
    Premium Membership contains full access to the Freeomy platform just like the Standard Membership with the added bonus of access to new and exciting product samples + TCP bonus.
    Premium is launching soon...

Are you an Australian business requiring people to sample or trial your new products before launch or want to increase you brands resonance?

Gain access to our tribe of individuals and households who are committed to sharing and supporting businesses like yours and the wider community. Our members will trial your new concepts and provide quality feedback to enhance and speedup market entry. You can also swap product samples in exchange for members to create social media fan posts about your products/brand to increase reputation/resonance.

Contact us today to have your products promoted to Premium Freeomy Members and start reaping the benefits.