Freeomy is the Freedom Economy bring community together. Freeomy inspires and empowers individuals to share goods and services in a way that increases prosperity and where competition is replaced with collaboration.

Freeomy brings tribe together to share items/skills without the need of fiat (government/corporate) money. It gives power back to the community and makes a claim of sovereignty by releasing systemised financial dependence while creating joy, harmony and friendships.

Share Household Items and Skills

Imagine gaining access to a wide range of items for the house, garden or office and being able to book services including massage, beauty or bookkeeping without needing to look in the wallet or check your bank balance!

Freeomy offers this opportunity to its members. We are a Tribe of Gifting, Swapping and Trading individuals who see huge value in pooling resources and sharing with the community in an unrestricted way without manipulated money.

You can also gain access to free samples and trials from local businesses by helping them improve new products and services.

Welcome to Freeomy, your Freedom Economy.

Freeomy is a platform to assist members share items and skills without the need for money.

Freeomy intends to evolve into a thriving community of like caring/sharing individuals and families wanting to escape the clutches of a controlled monetary system currently strangling society, and help build a community that sees the benefits in giving and sharing skills, abilities, tools and resources to better our members and the earth.

Via direct swaps or using our internal currency (TCP), we no longer need to waste energy (currency) on transaction fees and taxes. Happy days!

Building a Better Community with the Freedom Economy!

Members list items that they own or skills they are proficient in for exchanging with other Freeomy members. Value on items is applied using Tribe Connect Points (TCP). There’s no financial exchange for goods or services between members, exchanges are performed either by Gift, Direct Swap or Trade using TCP. Members can accumulate any amount of TCP. A member earns TCP via Trades, listing products, at certain rankĀ  levels and interacting on the platform.

Members must have a minimum of 5 item listings before a Trade with points can be made.

Please refer to our User Agreement and Terms of Trade prior to becoming a Freeomy member.

A membership is required to access the platform and Premium Membership is needed to access business samples and trials.

Freeomy uses Points to trade with members known as TCP which have a $ value ratio of 1:1

There are a number of ways to add to your TCP tally;

  • When you sign-up you are allocated 10 x TCP (TCP 10) with an equivalent value of ~AU$10 to assist in your first Trade.
  • Listing an item (TCP 5)
  • Posting 3 products or services (TCP 20)
  • Adding profile pic and cover photo (TCP 8 each)
  • Successful completion of 5 trades (TCP 10)
  • Successful completion of 13 trades (TCP 30)
  • Interacting with members….