Have more time to enjoy life without needing more money!

Share items and skills

Have more time to enjoy life without needing more money!

Its achievable by being a Freeomy member. Members offer their own resources available to Gift, Swap or Trade with other members without using money. Exchange your items or services with Freeomy members and gain access to a wide range of products saving you money and reducing your consumer impact on the earth via over-consumption and waste.

What do you do all day? Most people are at work… doing their job… All Day!

Is your job a passion, something you love to do… or is it just a way to pay the bills?

Years of subjective and objective research indicates; Humans essentially want Freedom.

A long time ago, we decided to play this game called Earth, we believed we could master it and grow, to work in harmony with the laws of nature, working in equilibrium with the whole.

There is so much to experience, so many adventures to be had…. much to explore! The question is ‘Are you Living Life’…. or are you chasing money in a dead-end job that you, at best tolerate, so you can Pay the Bills??

Unfortunately, most people are spending a big portion of their waking day (9+ hours) working in a job that is unfulfilling just so they can afford to live, pay the bills and enjoy the few hours they get each day outside of work or sleep…

I too have done this…. Way too many days, weeks, months and years were dedicated wasted working in someone else’s business, building their empire, and I was only just scraping through paying the bills, saving a little of my income so at the end of the year I could actually enjoy life… with my 3 weeks holidays! :0

Wow. Imagine coming to an amazingly beautiful place like Earth, only to waste most of your time on the treadmill chasing money.

What is money anyway?
Communities have always had a way to exchange goods and services, it may have been by bartering/trading animals, herbs, salt, or precious metals such as gold. There was always an exchange of ‘tangible value’.

The modern global economy is pegged to the US Dollar so let’s have a quick look at its formation. In December of 1913, the Federal Reserve (a private corporation, not part of government at all) was approved by congress to be the supplier and regulator of the USD. Prior to and up until August 15, 1971, US dollars were backed by, and exchangeable for, gold. After this date, USD became a fictional fiat currency, highly manipulated and backed by no tangible substance.

Since the time the Federal Reserve took ‘ownership’ of managing USD in 1913, the buying power of the dollar has fallen by 98%… dollars that you work so hard for, in 100 years, have decreased in purchasing power to just 2% of their original value thanks to depreciation and monetary policies (mainly the printing of more money out of thin air – quantitative easing…).


Why are you working all day (and sometimes night too if you have 2 jobs like some families) trying to earn this illusionary, non-tangible, backed by nothing currency? It doesn’t make logical sense!

I get it, we are in a system that is highly integrated into all of our lives. Money is the main trading/buying currency that we are forced to use, crypto-currencies have been making waves and are now available to use as a trading currency but they are still in its infancy and highly volatile in trying to determine value and purchasing power.

What we need is a way to trade with members of the community without 3rd parties manipulating the currency and taking their cut at your expense. We need to come together and trade among ourselves as much as possible to lessen our exposure to the highly manipulated and forever decreasingly valued Dollar.

Sure, for the time being we will still need to use money to pay the mortgage (do you know what this word means? Mort=Death, Gage=offer (an object or one’s life) as a guarantee), rent, bills and essential supplies (even this site requires dollars to pay for website hosting and domain costs) but there is a way to trade/exchange among ourselves that will greatly lessen the monetary pressure that is put on each household to be able to afford some of the benefits and luxuries that allows us to enjoy life. We can come together as a community to pool our resources, goods and services, and swap/exchange these items with other members in the community, in-turn, requiring you to need less dollars, reduce work time and dedicate more time to enjoying life!

Freeomy has been created to do just this. The Freedom Economy is here to assist members in sharing resources (items & skills), which means we require less money, create less waste and materialism, resulting in beneficial social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Consider how much you spend each month on non-fixed items… hair/beauty, massage/alt. health, book keeping, business services, handyman tools, gardening services/machinery, pool care, child minding, baby cloths/toys/cots, books, clothing, fashion accessories, gaming, sports/recreation gear, jewellery etc. It adds up to a massive amount of money, and some of the items you only use a couple times a year… or a couple of times ever! It’s not a practical way to use your hard-earned cash. Freeomy offers a solution that communities used to do all over the world… share their stuff! Our online platform is a convenient, track-able and fair way to share your stuff and gain benefits to stuff the whole community owns. Your household becomes a library and you can access your neighbours library too. It’s pretty sweet!

Join Freeomy today and start building a Sharing Community

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