Freeomy Safe Exchange

A question we often get asked is: “what about the risk associated with sharing my items with other members on Freeomy” or “What security is there that my items are returned in good condition”?

These concerns are very valid, and I would assume the thought goes through most members before they join. Freeomy is based on Trust, Integrity and Respect and we hope all members will always uphold these principals.

Product listings have the option of adding a deposit amount required before loaning an item, plus we have a 1-page form for each member to sign and allows for the borrowing member to list ID along with any deposit amount. Both parties can then take a copy/photo of the form and sign again when the exchange is complete (upon item return or service performed etc).

These 4 elements; Member verification, Exchange Form, Item Deposit, and Review/Rating offer piece of mind and security for both parties in the Freeomy Exchange while continuing to build trust for all members.

Freeomy Exchange Guidelines

  • All exchanges are to be performed with integrity, respect and care.
  • Loaning time frames are to be adhered to and honored.
  • When agreeing to perform a service swap, make sure you perform your side of the agreement within a timely manner.
  • If borrowing an item, please use it with care. Do not do anything you would not do if it was your own most cherished item.
  • When discussing the exchange, its important to mention what would happen if the item is damaged or lost. Obviously, the best outcome and the most respectful is for the item to be repaired to its original condition or replaced with an identical item (version/condition). This needs to be agreed to prior to the exchange taking place and signed off on so both parties fully understand the terms of the exchange/loan and know that part or all of the bond could be used to recoup losses.

Members need to have a minimum of 5 item listings before Borrowing or Trading with points (TCP) can be made.

Happy Gifting, Swapping, Loaning, Trading, Reviewing and Volunteering! 🙂