Corona Virus – How to limit Financial Impacts and Build Community by Sharing

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Interesting and unprecedented times we all find ourselves in as a global community in the midst of a Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic. Never before have I witnessed an event that impacted on such a world-wide scale. Yes, of course there have been a number of world wars that have devastated countries and global trade but I’m not sure even war effected the level of closures and border controls we are currently witnessing in virtually all western countries and other regions. It’s quite astonishing! Next level…

The website you are currently visiting, was first initiated as a concept in October of 2018 to create a visually appealing and modern share economy platform, it was built over the next 6 months and then refined and rebuilt over the following 9 months to one day become a leading facilitator bringing households and community together by pooling and sharing resources such as items (owned goods) and skills (that you are qualified in) without needing money to initiate an exchange. I felt it was important to build a platform that offered this facility to exchange between members as i anticipated a future global crash resulting in financial and other restrictions (it was pretty clear that a global recession was imminent, however i did not think it would be initiated via pandemic). The current time seems to be what Freeomy was built for, to assist the community and the earth by choice or by force to return to a more localised caring and sharing community. Sometime we need a push (or a kick up the ass) to reassess and change our dependence on global trade/commerce.

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Freeomy (the Freedom Economy) is open to individuals around the world to share items and skills with other members, in turn, enabling members to access items and skills that other members list without money or obligations. This is a platform to initiate compassion, kindness and sharing just like you would when dealing with family and friends.

To exchange an item on Freeomy, (you need to become a free member) one member lists items and skills they would like to offer as barter offerings by either Lending (as a direct swap or using the internal points system TCP), Trading (permanently exchanging the product) or Gifting the product for free.

Once the Corona Virus has cleared and restrictions have ceased, the need and desire for more localized support will continue, especially when Freeomy members enjoy the benefits of gaining access to a whole bunch of items and services not previously available and they witness the benefits to self, community and the earth.

Freeomy is the Global Sharing Economy Platform in an eCommerce website layout allowing for immediate communication with other members, an internal points system facilitating intricate exchanging between 2 or more members, trust building features such as member reviews and member verification plus the ability to build friendships via our groups.

Re-think your attachment to Ownership and consider the benefits of Offership. Lend or Gift your Items and Skills and gain the benefits to access items and skills in your local neighborhood and across the world. The options to what you can offer and share is endless… it just needs to be legal!

To add even more benefit, we will soon be launching Freeomy Premium to create a Win/Win for members and local Australian businesses. We all do it, use social proof to assist in making purchase decisions, its the online revolution that can make or break a business, its also a very good way to assist businesses needing product exposure or feedback for testing/refinement. As a Freeomy Premium Business you can list Product Samples, Service Trials or Discounts to Premium Members in exchange for product Feedback, Google Reviews or Social Media posts of their experience & recommendation for the product/business.
It’s a win/win as Freeomy members get free stuff and businesses get free exposure. If your business wants to join as a Freeomy Premium Business please click here.

The Freeomy team wish you and your family safe travels in navigating the CV journey and the restructuring of the global landscape. We hope you will join us to further facilitate a cleaner, greener, compassionate sharing global community releasing financial chains, reducing over consumption and waste and limiting a products travel footprint.

Together we can create a vision of Freedom, Joy and Harmony 🙂

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