Australia Talks

31% of Australians struggle to make ends meet

A recent survey conducted in May 2021 titled Australia Talks surveyed 50000+ Australians about their current life situation covering a complete range of topics that effect our lives and views on the future. Freeomy has taken interested in 2 of the results relating to how this platform is attempting to offer more security, freedom and interaction within individual lives and the greater community.

31% of surveyed Australians admitted they had difficulty making ends meet financially. This is quite a high number, almost a third of the countries people are struggling to find the resources needed to live a life with consistent food on the table and able to pay bills when they are due. That is a massive stressor with a heavy weight on ones shoulders. Not good for individual health and family harmony.

Australian indicate they have trouble making ends meet

The other graph of note was the fact 49% of surveyed indicated they would be much happier if they were more involved in their community. This is actually not surprising, after all, mankind is tribal. We have thousands if not millions of years of evolution where survival, good health and procreation was achieved by being part of the tribe, contributing and looking out for others. We still have these deep rooted impulses and needs, even if we think we are a technological society now and those ‘primitive’ constructs are no longer valid. The fact is being part of a community has always boded well for health and happiness and it could be argued since the world went completely bonkers and locked the world down their has never been a greater need to be part of the community and to contribute.

Creating happiness by being involved in community

Freeomy was built with these 2 issues front and center of what we see as part of the solution to creating a new, strong, supportive and collaborative community and society moving forward. We have the opportunity with the Freeomy platform to pool our resources together and to share items and skills that can benefit others while building a strong and supportive tribe which in turn supports your own health and wellness while lessening the demand on financial pressures and struggling to afford the resources needed day to day and strengthens the calling deep in our DNA to be part of the Tribe. We think Tribe is fundamental which is why our points system is called TCP = Tribe Connect Points.

We hope you will join us in creating our Gifting, Lending, Trading and Volunteering Tribe. The future is here, be part of it!

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